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Advertising Red Books

Looking for relevant content on companies and the advertising agencies that work with them? Advertising Red Books is the source for uncovering key advertiser and agency relationships. Over

200,000 personnel are listed & over 130,000 agency accounts are listed

Daily combing of 13,000+ news sources to catch executive changes, account wins and losses, M&A activity, etc., as the events occur

35 search functions are available on Redbooks.com

Advertising Red Books can be used to:

Identify agency clients

Locate the critical information about agency clients

Reveal the right contacts at those clients for prospecting

Find a company by searching by the brand it owns

Check-out the competition



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The custom-designed search engine allows for searches by keyword, product name, manufacturer name and Material ConneXion index number.  The information provided is complete enough to satisfy an engineer or scientist who is an expert in materials, yet user-friendly enough to benefit the architect or designer who is not.

Material ConneXion identifies innovative material solutions and provides insight into tomorrow's opportunities. Material ConneXion may provide solutions to specific material challenges and identify material trends for particular industries including:

Aerospace Apparel
Athletic shoes
Architectural interiors
Building and construction
Chemical engineering
Consumer electronics
Consumer Insight
Consumer products
Durable goods
Fiber Optic
Furniture (Contract and Residential) Industrial Design
Interior Design
Interior Fittings and Hardware
Materials Science
Personal Care
Sporting Goods



"The most trusted name in trend." Stylesight is an authoritative voice of the industry, stationed around the world with eyes on the scene, ears on the chatter, and fingers on the pulse of the latest in style and design. Stylesight is an online provider of inspiration and product development toolsl for the fashion and design industries.

Content includes: Inspirational images, runway analysis, retail and trade show coverage, photos and videos, forecasting, clip art, packaging, a blog, e-newsletters, alerts, and more.

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